Russia 2013/Cultural Tour to Russia for Educators/March 2013

Posted on October 23, 2012


Dear Colleague:

My name is Marina Forbes and I’m the Director of International Programs at the New England Language Center in Rochester, NH, where we’ve been offering cultural tours to Russia for the past 20 years. I’m taking this opportunity to introduce our Cultural Tour to Russia for Educators project scheduled for “Spring Break” in March of 2013. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. I have included a brief description of the tour for your consideration (please see below).

Since our tours are never the same, it is important that I hear from any of you who might be interested in participating to discuss your particular interests in Russia and the travel dates which are best for you. We specialize in individual and small group travel, and this tour is specifically designed for a small group of 4 to 7 participants so it will be very easy to adjust the dates of the tour to fit everyone’s busy schedule (please see the description of the tour and more pictures below).

In March of 2013 (the exact dates and itinerary will be finalized by November of 2012) Russian artist, historian, lecturer and iconographer, Marina Forbes, will once again be leading her customized 11-day tour to Russia designed for a small group of 5-7 educators who are interested in learning about Russia first-hand. This will be the 20th year that Marina is offering her unique tour of her native city of St. Petersburg, Novgorod and Moscow. Each year, she offers more than 75 lectures and presentations on Russian art, traditions, history, and contemporary life and culture. Her tours are customized each year to focus on the specific interests of the tour group. In addition to taking advantage of the cultural and historical components of the tour, participants will have an opportunity to meet with individual Russians representing a broad cross-section of contemporary Russian life. They will meet with Russian educators, students, school administrators, and leading government officials to explore how the Russian educational system works and to share ideas and experiences. Exclusive on-site visits with Russian politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, pensioners, journalists, teachers and university professors are also available. The program includes lectures and discussion sessions on Imperial Russia, current Russian events, the Soviet and contemporary educational systems, Russian teens and alcohol, teen pregnancies, the availability of contraceptives and abortions in Russia, after school activities for Russian youths, and the teaching of Democracy in Russian schools. There will be guided visits to major historical and cultural sites and museums, restaurants featuring traditional Russian food, and Russian opera and ballet performances. There will also be a number of activities and cultural events designed to give tour participants an opportunity to experience first-hand the reality of everyday life in Russia.

Prior to the tour, participants will be provided with optional Russian language and culture classes, and we will recommend award-winning Russian movies to watch to learn more about Russian history, culture and society. This tour is specifically designed for a small group so it will be very easy to adjust the dates of the tour to fit everyone’s busy schedule.

Your bilingual tour Director will be Marina Forbes, who is a native of St.Petersburg with more than 20 years of experiences as a tour leader. This year’s tour will include round-trip air travel [Boston-St. Petersburg and Moscow-Boston]; transportation from St. Petersburg to Novgorod, overnight train transportation from Novgorod to Moscow; airport transfers in St. Petersburg and Moscow; train station transfers in Novgorod and Moscow; lodging at comfortable, centrally located hotels (with breakfasts) in St. Petersburg (5 days), Novgorod (2 days) and Moscow (3 days); guided visits to all the major attractions; and a river cruise in St. Petersburg. Also included are a series of personal visits with Russians representing areas of Russian society of particular interest to the tour group. Artists, educators, students, political figures, governmental officials, entrepreneurs and journalists are among the individuals who can be scheduled for interviews.
The cost of the tour (including air, train, transfers in Russia, local tour guides, lodging and entrance to historical sites) is $ 5,960 [USD] [per person, double occupancy] plus Russian visa processing fees. (Single occupancy accommodations and tickets for folk show, theater and ballet/opera performances are available for an extra charge).

We provide optional Russian language and culture classes. We recommend movies to watch to learn more about Russian history, culture etc…

Ask us about our other 2013 cultural tour offerings:

The Imperial “White Nights” Tour 2013 is offered in May/June of 2013 during the season of “White Nights” when St. Petersburg is bathed in 24 hours of continuous daylight.
Tour includes St. Petersburg (5 days), Novgorod (2 days) and Moscow (3 days).
Additional optional tours: 3-day tour to Kiev and a 5-day trip to Solovki (Solovetsky Monastery) in the White Sea. Solovetsky Monastery was founded by hermits in 15th century, and is one of the holiest places in Russia. In 1923, it was turned into the “mother of the GULAGs” (A. Solzhenitsyn), and about 1 million people went through it.

I’m just starting to make arrangements for our Tours to Russia 2013 and I’m spreading the news about the tours to everyone who might be interested in joining me.
If you know someone who might want to learn more about my tour, please have them get in touch with me by phone at (603) 332-2255 or by e-mail at

For more information, please contact me directly at (603) 332-2255 or by e-mail at

Thank you so much again for your interest in my Russian Arts, History and Culture projects and I look forward to hearing from you!

Marina Forbes
Director of International Programs
New England Language Center
16 Hillside Drive
Rochester, NH 03867
(603) 332-2255

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